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Natural Light in Philly Meeting Space, Philadelphia Cira Centre


In our quest to redefine the norm, we’ve created the most unique event spaces in all of Philadelphia. We believe in changing the status quo by curating spaces that are beautifully designed, contemporary and easily accessible, making your event execution simple and utterly unforgettable. Ready to explore your options?

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Who We Are


CYTO|PHL is a unique meeting and event space located inside the CIRA Centre by the former creator of the HUB, John New.  Created with a focus around the Life Sciences Community of Philadelphia, CYTO|PHL is reimaging the way people meet.  With natural light and water walls, bright colors and hydroponic grow walls, it stimulates the senses, taking you out of the box while sparking creativity.  With moveable walls we can accommodate small boardrooms, charity galas and all-day networking sessions ensuring that no two meetings are the same. 


Grow Your Reach


CYTO|PHL offers world-class facilities, professional networking opportunities, educational courses, podcasting, and more, being a member of   CYTO|PHL is the first of its kind.

Beautiful Customizable Settings in Philly Meeting Space, Philadelphia Cira Centre

Life sciences professionals, physicians, and higher ed faculty.


Of pharmaceutical & biotech firms have a presence here.


Colleges and universities in the region.


Major hospital systems in the region.

Remote Working

Meet Our Partners CYTO | PHL

Grow Your Reach


The Greater Philadelphia area is one of the most dynamic hubs for the Life Sciences industry in the US, including large pharma, emerging biotech and gene/cell therapy. The region also provides access to political and financial entities between NYC and DC.

Corporate Builidng
Remote Working

Meet Our Partners. CYTO | PHL

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